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Levitate is a Cardiff-based agency and we specialise in designing websites that not only look fantastic across all devices but also help you increase your online conversion and in turn meet your ambitious targets.


Our immaculate track record of results for clients has allowed us to achieve a 5-star review rating, which we are very proud of.


  • All of our websites look great and are custom-built to appeal to your target market. The images, typography, and general design will be heavily impacted by your customer demographics.
  • All of our websites are custom-built on every type of device with a close eye on detail.
  • Our website packages come with devoted support, efficient training so you can edit the website yourself, and free website hosting.


  • Increase your customer acquisition with websites designed for your target audience, to get you the right kind of leads and interest.
  • Increase the traffic that you get through Google, Facebook, and other digital mediums with our strategic approach to web development.
  • Improve your brand’s image online and have a website that you are proud to show off.

Some Of Our Recent Website Designs

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Our Results Don't Lie

So far, Levitate has achieved a flawless results record, something that is quite rare in the industry. We may be based in Cardiff but we are a Website Design Agency working with clients across the globe.


Free SEO Analysis

    Not getting the results you should be? Let us find out why.
    In the free SEO report, we will search the following issues that could be affecting the results you get online.
    • Speed is one of the biggest conversion killers and could be hampering your sales.
    • Many websites are not properly optimised for the latest keywords that could bring them the best results.
    • Many websites are not user friendly on all devices, 55% of all traffic in 2022 is mobile.