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Levitate is an innovative, results-driven web design consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Our team comprises highly-skilled, experienced designers that specialise in delivering bespoke, cutting-edge websites. We also utilise our branding and digital marketing expertise to tailor each site to deliver the marketing goals of our clients. Strong, original, and contemporary web design is essential to levitate the online presence of your business and drive results forward. This is our specialty.


Google Rankings

We help you define your SEO objectives & develop a realistic strategy with you.
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Website Design

Our results based website design will take your customer acquisition to a new level.
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We are passionate for transforming your logo or website to stand out from the herd.
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Results-Driven Web Design & Marketing

Our services go beyond solely web design. Levitate has an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team committed to supporting organic growth for your business through utilising strategically proven approaches to help clients capture and convert online traffic. Utilising SEO is essential in making the most of your website and we provide this service at an incredibly competitive rate.


Our Results Don't Lie

So far, Levitate has achieved a flawless results record, something that is quite rare in the industry.


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Soar Through The Google Rankings

You are good at what you do, but you need more customers.

Levitate is an official Google partner, knowing the ins and outs of how Google determines it’s algorithim. With our help, we will take you to the top of the rankings.

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Our Levitators

Websites That Drive Results.

Our websites are modern, made for all devices and allow you to be easily found on Google. Here’s how.

Attention To Detail

We design all of our websites after detailed one-on-one discussions with our client that give us a clear consideration of their target market. Our designs integrate artistry and functionality seamlessly all with one underlying aim; to increase your online presence.

Mobile & Tablet Optimised

Currently, around 55% of global web traffic originates from tablets and mobile devices, and this amount is only going to increase. We ensure that our websites are designed to be viewed on all devices and browsers, ensuring all potential visitors have a positive experience on your website.

SEO Optimisation

As a Google Partner, our strategic SEO optimisation ensures our websites are as prominent as possible on Google. Do you currently have a website and are not getting the results you should be? Let us find out why.

Free SEO Analysis

    Not getting the results you should be? Let us find out why.
    We offer a free SEO report, during which we will investigate the following issues that could be affecting your online traffic.
    • Speed – One of the biggest conversion killers is loading speed and it could be seriously hampering your viewer’s experience and thereby even your sales.
    • Keyword Optimisation – Many websites are not properly optimised in terms of using relevant keywords that could organically drive their web traffic by pleasing the Google SEO Bots.
    • Mobile Optimisation – Many websites are not user-friendly on mobile devices, a serious issue considering over 55% of global web traffic originates from mobile devices.

    Web Design FAQs

    Website design or web design refers to the process of creating websites to be displayed on the internet. Website design goes beyond the aesthetic design of a website and also includes its core functionality as well as the content itself in many cases. 

    Website designers use various coding languages such as HTML and CSS to create unique website designs that help your online business to stand out. Although there are many free website builders out there, your website is where you have a chance to make a great first impression on your customers.

    Our prices often depend on the extent of involvement from the client as well as the size of the project. Often, clients have existing skills they want to utilise on their website and provide us with resources that we would have otherwise had to make ourselves. In cases such as these, the price we charge will be lower than if we completed the whole web design process ourselves. As well as this, if you have an existing website that needs revamping and relaunching, this will be reflected in our price. 

    If you are interested in working with us at Levitate, we can offer you a free quote! Once we know what you are looking for and the size of the project we will be able to agree on a price that is very competitive within the industry. Make sure to check out our website design portfolio and testimonials to get a better picture of what we can offer you.

    If you are considering a web design for your business, Levitated can offer you a free quote once we know what you are looking for. Make sure to check out our website design portfolio and testimonials to get a better picture of what we can offer you.

    Many elements come together for great website design including:


    If you have heard the phrase “content is king” then this should come as no surprise. Great content that is optimised for search engines will help get your website in front of potential customers. Once you have driven more traffic to your website, your content must be exactly what these potential customers are looking for. If the design and aesthetic of your website are your first impression, your content is what sells your business.

    User Experience

    Have you ever been on a website that is slow and full of bugs? If an experience just popped into your mind, you can appreciate why it is so important to prioritise user experience on a website. Having a website with a bad user experience can be a serious detriment to your business. This can be apparent by high bounce rates, indicating that your visitors are choosing to look elsewhere after visiting your website. A great user experience will also allow your users to access any page they need from any point on your website with ease. Repeat visitors are a good indicator of a well-designed website.


    The general look and “feel” of your website can make or break a customer experience. Would you enlist services from a graphic designer with an ugly-looking website? What about hiring a lawyer with a website full of cartoons? Good website design uses aesthetics that are appealing to its specific visitors while also being pleasing to more general visitors. 


    How easy is it to find your website online? Users are much more likely to trust a website that is higher in Google rankings as it conveys a certain level of trust in the business. Think about yourself, how many times have you personally ever gone to the second page of a Google Search? If you are looking to improve the visibility of your website, SEO and social media marketing are great ways to gain some more relevant traffic, driving you more leads.

    What use is a beautifully designed website if no one can find it? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of making your website more visible in search results from search engines such as Google. This is done by optimising the embedded keywords of your website that will then drive relevant searches to your business.

    Web Design Agency in Cardiff


    A well-designed website is at the heart of any successful online business. This is why we take every care in providing you with a website design that is guaranteed to impress your customers. Our websites are optimised to engage your audience and convert your organic traffic into paying customers. Our expert web designers have years of experience in the industry and have already helped a wide range of businesses to reach more customers and drive more sales.

    If you are interested in building a professional website for your business then call us on +44 7494879520 or contact us today to find out more.