Everyone is talking about SEO – but what does it really mean? SEO is simply search engine optimisation. This means enhancing your website to make it more ‘Google’ friendly in an attempt to rank higher than your competitors in the market when people search for your relevant businesses. There are thousands of algorithms, but here are just a few achievable and simple tips to help boost your business on Google.

1 – Blog Posts

Posting relevant, regular content via a blog medium can help boost your SEO monumentally. You can do so much with blog posts – by introducing keywords and relevant links you can impact your search engine ranking positively. 

Additionally, having a successful blog following increases the traffic to your website and user engagement which also boosts your SEO ranking massively. The longer people stay on your page the more of a positive effect the traffic will have on your SEO score. So writing engaging posts that people are more inclined to read till the end will be even more effective than just simple clickbait.

2 – Strong Social Media

Being active on social media is a crucial element of running any business. In addition to this helping promote a business’s online presence, this can also help increase an SEO ranking on google too. If links to a website are shared via social platforms this can increase its SEO rankings. 

3 – Fix any broken links

Broken links on a website can be extremely harmful to SEO rankings as it renders your website less current and less relevant.

You can address this issue in a couple of ways. First, you can spend the time yourself going through every link on your website to ensure they are relevant – but if you have a large site with a lot of hyperlinks this could take up a lot of time! In this instance you can use tools such as Dead Link Checker to be immediately notified when a link on your website goes dead so that you can address it straight away without having to scour through your site to find it.

4 – Mobile Optimise 

Without optimising your website for mobile, there’s very little point in having a website as over half of google searches come from mobile devices. Therefore, optimisation is key to increase engagement and how user-friendly your website is. If it is not mobile optimised then you will detriment your google ranking significantly. When considering your website design, make sure that you make mobile optimisation a priority

5 – Keywords

Using keywords can really help boost your rankings if done correctly. Don’t go overboard and fill your website with keywords that people will search when searching for your services or products, but make them fit into sentences contextually. Even change image tags to include keywords to help your website’s ranking.

There are a few keyword market research tools which allow you to find out what keywords are most regularly searched in your business field to help you along the way such as SEMrush.

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Cardiff Restaurants: The Best Restaurant Websites in Cardiff

We’ve reviewed some of the websites of independent restaurants in Cardiff and here is a shortlist of our favourite. Cardiff is a hub of unique restaurants and so we thought we’d share those who are not only excelling in making great food but also in having a stellar online presence!

1. Heaneys


Heaneys website embodies the restaurant perfectly. Offering a clean, distinct design focusing entirely on their professional and stunning images of both their venue and their food. https://www.heaneyscardiff.co.uk/

2. Le Monde


Le Monde offers a website exuberating class, perfectly representing their brand. Understated, well-balanced with a meticulous font selection. https://le-monde-restaurant.co.uk/

3. Anna Loka

Anna Loka’s no-nonsense website gets straight to the point. Vibrant, gorgeous food is highlighted on the homepage, enticing visitors as soon as they visit their website. This is a prime example of how to engage potential customers and get them through your doors by utilising your website! https://www.anna-loka.com/

4. The Dough Thrower

The Dough Thrower’s website is everything you want in a pizza restaurant website. It’s rustic and inviting – the second you open the site you’re looking into an authentic pizza oven with the perfect pizza bubbling away. A restaurant’s website that can you make you salivate is definitely doing its job. https://thedoughthrower.com/

5. Porro

Porro’s website feels almost like reading a handmade invitation with gorgeous watercolour-style backgrounds. This website feels unique and personal, all the while upkeeping a classy and clean design. https://www.porrocardiff.com/

Cardiff Restaurants
Cardiff Restaurants

6. The Early Bird

Early Bird’s website is almost as cute as the café itself. From the cute yellow icons filling the page background to their darling logo, this website is short and sweet, and everything it needs to be to sell this café and bakery as well as it can. http://www.earlybirdbakery.co.uk/

Cardiff Restaurants
Cardiff Restaurants

If you’re looking to improve your digital presence or website, get in touch with us today to discuss what we can do for you and a free quote for our services! We offer a 20% discount on all of our services to other Cardiff-based businesses. https://levitated.co.uk/contact-us/ #cardiffsmallbusinesses

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