Write what they want to see

The absolutely paramount key to successful website copy is writing what your readers want to read. Writing useless jargon that is unrelated to their needs as a potential client is only going to harm your websites conversion rates. Instead of trying to be overly technical, get into the heads of your clients and think about what would impress you if you were in their shoes. 

Arrange your content effectively

Take some time to really think about what is the most important and relevant information that your clients want, and make sure this is the first information they come across. Your website should take users on a continuous journey, and so shouldn’t be disjointed or difficult to navigate. 

Don’t try to be smart

By overcomplicating your copy you can drive customers away. Web copy should be easy to digest, it isn’t a literary piece. You may think you’re impressing readers but it actually has the opposite effect and alienates them. Write your copy as you would speak to your customers normally – keep your copy true to your brand. 

Make sure your layout is optimised

Writing web copy has a unique format to help it convert. Keeping paragraphs on your website to an absolute maximum of 4 sentences is a priority. Additionally, making sure you don’t have any ‘wasted words’ is another important factor. Finally, using a second person voice makes text more appealing to readers – so using the words ‘you’, ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ makes copy more direct and engaging for readers.

Provide visual breaks for readers

Reading solid blocks of text can get boring for readers. By failing to break up text with engaging visuals your web copy can get lost in a solid block of unappealing text. Visuals can include graphics, unique formatting, images, and anything else to help distract the eye to a new element. However, making sure the visuals are relevant and add to the copy is important. Nobody wants to see the same overused stock photos they’ve seen on 10 other websites that day so be creative and use plenty of platforms. For some more unique stock photos take a look at

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