Ranking on Google can seem like an impossible task at times for some businesses, and despite your best efforts it still takes persistence and patience. However, well optimised blog posts can put you in good stead for improving your SEO ranking on Google.

Relevant and Engaging Content

Don’t just write any old waffle, know what your readers want to see and cater to that. Your blog posts should be well thought out, compelling and well researched to engage your audience and make them want to come back for more. 

Your content needs to be relevant to your business and niche and has to be something interesting to captivate your readers attention. Otherwise what’s the point?

Use Trending Topics

People want to read about relevant, new topics. Find out what is trending in your niche and write about it, putting your own unique perspective on the situation. 

Post Regularly

Writing one good blog post just isn’t enough. You need to keep on top of a blog to make it worthwhile. Keeping your most recent posts fresh and current is a great way to engage users and encourages them to flick through multiple posts.

Using Keywords

For each blog post, select a unique keyword relating to that topic and boost it throughout the post. As a general rule you ought to be featuring the key phrase every 100 words in some form or iteration. 

You can utilise free chrome extensions to find out what keywords are popular in your country, such as Keyword Surfer ( which tells you the volume of searches per month for a phrase per country, and the cost of PPC for this term as well as other similar search terms and their popularity. 

Using Images

Text heavy blogs can be heavy on the eyes, so break up text with relevant and eye catching imagery to keep your readers entertained and brings the text to life! And adding Alt-Tags to these images that relate to your chosen key phrase will help boost your SEO even further.

You don’t need to go and spend a load of money on expensive imagery, or use poor quality iPhone images, you can find a plethora of free stock images to use on websites such as or 


Having good quality links in your post, showcasing your research and giving credible sources for certain information is also an SEO goldmine. Google encourages us to connect with one another and to feed into each other. By using links this will show your credibility and that you are essentially ‘paying your dues’.


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